The Risk

Since its inception, MEXE has been organized in a participatory way, having developed, among other devices, forum spaces open to all who want to think and do together. In this context, and as usual, a collective discussion took place from which emerged the triggering theme for the next edition of MEXE – “The risk”.
The last year has been drawing with particular vagueness and intensity. Inequalities and problems that many people used to experience are today aggravated by a pandemic that has shaken the tyranny of certainties. Disrepute in political life, the estrangement of the sensitive and of bodies, the reinforced power of technology, climatic urgencies, social disorientation, the emptying of the public space, and the difficulty in affirming subjectivities dispute the daily lives of citizens. In an environment and space that often seems to lead to a great impasse, the need to live the risk and its multiple facets impels us towards the active concretion of other futures yet to come. What is this risk, virtual and real, that we live in the here and now? What are its contours and nuances? What can this risk potentiate in a constructive way beyond the production of fear, paralysis, blockage, and control? In the field of artistic creation, political action, democratic discussion and community life, confrontation and difference are inherent elements, as much as risk.

Who we are

MEXE is a continuous restlessness that generates improbable encounters

Hugo Cruz

Artistic Direction

Patrícia Barbosa

Executive Direction

Fernando Almeida

Executive management support

MEXE is a deep dive in a space of free creation where everyone has a place

Beatriz Brás

Production Direction

MEXE is our collective utopia that makes us believe that it is possible to reinvent reality and other ways of being together

Maria João Mota

EIRPAC Coordination

Wilma Moutinho

Technical Direction

Sara Cunha

Press Office

Irina Pereira

Graphic Design

Patrícia Poção


João Ferreira

Video Maker

Raquel Pinhão

Patronage and Partnerships

Patrícia Poção


Mexe is life

Alexandra Silva

MEXE is a festival of art and community without barriers

Angela Canez

MEXE is a way of acquiring knowledge

Aurora Mendes

Bruno Boaro

Carina Moutinho

Cristina Queirós


MEXE is a meeting and reunion of people, desires and urgencies. It makes us want to go together to the street to occupy the city.

Inês Lapa

Inês Lopes

MEXE frees us from preconceptions and in it I made discoveries that until then I never imagined I would make.

Irene Oliveira

Juan Cabello Arribas

Mafalda Lourenço

Maria Gil

MEXE is voice.

Maria Vasquez

MEXE is about living community by celebrating it through art.

Mariana Eugénio

MEXE is a space of a thousand and one opportunities, and where great discoveries can be made.

Maribelle Brito

Marília Paredes

Margarida Sousa

Patrícia Queirós

MEXE is a family reunion, like a Sunday dinner

Salvador Gil

MEXE is the interaction of community, art and multiculturalism. It is the junction of several countries in a single meeting.

Sérgio Anjos

MEXE is a travel space, where I could make my journey and make discoveries as an artist and producer.

Vicente Gil


MEXE will complete 10 years in its next edition. During this time, it has been consolidated as an international platform of reference in the field of community artistic practices.

Participating in MEXE

• To participate in the actions it is mandatory to pick up a ticket at the spaces where they take place. The following projects are exceptions: Herbário Anticolonial and AS BRAVAS: um manifesto, for which registration must be made through

• Exceptions are the actions presented at Culturgest, CRL - Central Electric, Teatro Carlos Alberto/TNSJ, Teatro Municipal do Porto.Campo Alegre and Teatro Viriato.

• The ticket office will only be available one hour before the start of the performances, at the venue where they take place.

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