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Teatro do Frio – North Theater Research, CRL (TdFrio), is a collective for research, creation and theatrical production officially established in 2005. The activities of production, training, hosting and editing take place in strict relation to the core of our mission : theatrical research as a process of artistic creation and a vehicle for aesthetic (re)definition. Since 2013 it investigates thresholds and contact zones between theatrical creation processes and sound art, acoustics, dance and compositional writing. In this premise, the investment in the creation of shows has been deepened, where interpreter and word emerge from the systematic investigation around the relationships emotion, action, thought and where the dramaturgical/compositional writing takes place from its own grammar that relates voice, body, space and sound. Conceiving artistic creation as a peculiar form of interpersonal dialogue, TdFrio promotes the crossing between different creators, researchers and artistic and epistemological practices. He conceived and produced 33 creations, in cooperation with different local, national and international partners, including Retalhos (2008) and Cruzadas (2011), with the occasional support of DGArtes/MC. In 2013 and in the 2015/17 and 2018/2019 bienniums, he had sustained support for the activity. The shared artistic direction is the result of active discussion and reflection between members and founders, who become co-responsible for outlining the pluriannual guidelines.


Espetáculo Data Tipo Cidade Informações
Manifestations2021-09-26 12:00:00PortoSaber mais
Manifestations2021-09-25 12:00:00PortoSaber mais
Manifestations2021-09-24 16:30:00PortoSaber mais
Manifestations2021-09-23 18:30:00PortoSaber mais

Participating in MEXE

• To participate in the actions it is mandatory to pick up a ticket at the spaces where they take place. The following projects are exceptions: Herbário Anticolonial and AS BRAVAS: um manifesto, for which registration must be made through mexe.org.pt

• Exceptions are the actions presented at Culturgest, CRL - Central Electric, Teatro Carlos Alberto/TNSJ, Teatro Municipal do Porto.Campo Alegre and Teatro Viriato.

• The ticket office will only be available one hour before the start of the performances, at the venue where they take place.

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