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Rosa Pomar is a Portuguese artisan, researcher, entrepreneur, author, and blogger. She has a degree in History from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, a post-graduate degree in Medieval History, and a degree in fine arts. Rosa Pomar had a passion for knitting from an early age, having learned to knit at the age of seven, with the help of an older cousin , a practice she continued throughout her youth. Rosa Pomar’s community began in 2001, when she went to New York to attend summer school and created a blog called The Pink Pea, a pun on the name she chose for her first daughter. In this blog she showed a cloth doll she made for her baby Elvira, made with handmade techniques and old materials, but with a modern design. The doll was so unique that readers of the blog wanted it too. Rosa Pomar no longer had custom-made hands to make her unique and numbered dolls, while continuing her research and investigation of materials and methods of handmade production. In 2004, she launched the first knitwear meeting in Portugal. In 2008 he created an online store and in 2009 he opened Retrosaria, in Rua do Loreto, Lisbon, a store and atelier where Pomar regularly gives workshops on all kinds of handmade techniques in the production of small textile confections almost everywhere. endangered. Pomar has created its own brand of wool 100% made in Portugal. 


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