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PELE is a collective that develops artistic creation projects as spaces for reflection, action and civic and political participation, enhancing individual and collective transformation processes. Since 2007, it has sought to ensure that its performance remains in line with the needs of territories and communities, prioritizing accessibility and artistic participation in multiple centers. Through the crossing of audiences, sectors, artistic languages, territories and partners, it generates horizontal decision-making spaces and alternative models of collective creation.

Espetáculo Data Tipo Cidade Informações
AS BRAVAS: A Manifesto2021-09-19 17:00:00Saber mais
AS BRAVAS: A Manifesto2021-09-19 17:30:00Saber mais
AS BRAVAS: A Manifesto2021-09-19 18:00:00Saber mais
ARCA2021-09-19 16:00:00Saber mais
AZEVEDO2021-09-25 10:00:00Saber mais

Participating in MEXE

• To participate in the actions it is mandatory to pick up a ticket at the spaces where they take place. The following projects are exceptions: Herbário Anticolonial and AS BRAVAS: um manifesto, for which registration must be made through

• Exceptions are the actions presented at Culturgest, CRL - Central Electric, Teatro Carlos Alberto/TNSJ, Teatro Municipal do Porto.Campo Alegre and Teatro Viriato.

• The ticket office will only be available one hour before the start of the performances, at the venue where they take place.

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