Henrique Amoedo

Thought / Portugal

With a degree in Physical Education and Sports (1994) and a specialist in body awareness (1999), he began his work developing artistic work with disabled people with the creation of Roda Viva Cia. de Dança. In 1997, still at Roda Viva, he represented Brazil at the “I International Wheelchair Dance Festival” (in Boston-USA), where the company began to attract international attention. It should be noted that this company was the first to achieve the professionalization of people with disabilities in Brazil. In 1999 she entered the Master in Artistic Performance – Dance at the University’s Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (in Lisbon) where she began to develop, in the academic scope, the concept of Inclusive Dance. This concept proposes an innovative and aggregating approach on the participation of people with and without disabilities in the global artistic and cultural panorama. In this same year, he became involved as supervisor in the creation of a second Inclusive Dance company in Diadema (São Paulo), the Cia. Experimental – Grupo Mão na Roda.
In 2000 he was invited by the Regional Directorate for Special Education and Rehabilitation of the Autonomous Region of Madeira to teach a set of Inclusive Dance workshops that would later give rise to the Dançando com a Diferença Pilot Project and consequently, later, to the creation of the homonymous and independent Association. In 2002, she completed and presented her Master’s thesis launching the concept of Inclusive Dance, used today in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  As Artistic Director of Dançando com a Diferença, he has already been at the head of projects in different areas, among them the creation of Grotox (for Casa da Música, Porto) and ENDLESS (a European project for lifelong learning). Amoedo’s work brings important Brazilian and Portuguese choreographers closer to the reality of disability. Among several names in contemporary arts, we can highlight works with Luis Arrieta, Henrique Rodovalho, Clara Andermatt, Rui Horta, Paulo Ribeiro, Rui Lopes Graça, Tânia Carvalho and more recently La Ribot.

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