Graeme Pulleyn

Thought / Inglaterra

Born in the north of England in 1967. He graduated in Theatre Studies and Dramatic Arts at the University of Warwick and came to Portugal in 1990. He co-founded and was artistic director of Teatro Regional da Serra do Montemuro between 1990 and 2005 working as an actor and director in shows such as Wolf Wolf (1995), Eira dos Cães (2000) and Hotel Tomilho (2004). He has been living in Viseu since 2005, from where he works as a freelance director, actor and translator.

Recent projects include:
AoMAR – from Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote, staged by Patrick Murys (performance 2021) QUA LUXAN NON – a staged visit to Bairro da Boa Morte / São Tomé (conception / staging 2021) PALHAÇO VERDE – based on Matilde Rosa Araújo (dramaturgy and staging / Teatro do Noroeste 2021) DESGARRADAS E MEADAS DE ONDE NÃO SE SE SEVÊ O FIM – an interdisciplinary play based on biographical narratives collected in 3 parishes of low population density in Viseu. (staging 2020) COMO OS DEUSES CAEM – from William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra (staging ESMAE 2020) CONTRA O INIMIGO INVISIBVEL – street theater (interpretation and staging 2020), OS GUARDAS DO MUSEUM DE BAGDAD – from José Peixoto’s text (interpretation and staging 2020) JULGAMENTO E MORTE DO GALO – large-scale community show (staging, Guarda 2020) – HÁ MARIAS ASSIMIM – by Sandro William Junqueira (staging for Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo 2019) – PLASTIKUS ARTISTIKUS – environmental theater (staging for Krisalida ACAM, Caminha 2019) – DEBAIXO DO CAPUZ (coordination and interpretation – Smallest Theater in the World 2011-2019) – O PRESENTE DE CÉSAR – by Sandro William Junqueiro, staged by Giacomo Scalisi (interpretation – Teatro Viriato 2019) – O AUTOMATO – performance for Children (staged for Teatro Noroeste -2018) – LABIRINTO – performance-performance in the old Jewish quarter of Guarda (staged for Rede Artéria 2018) – THE WAR TO END ALL WAR (staged by ESMAE – 2018) – TCHILOLI – creative industries – (Formiguinha da Boa Morte – São Tomé 2017/8) – (I)MIGRANTES – from interviews with refugees (staged by Teatro do Noroeste – Viana do Castelo – 2017) – BESTA – from Artaud, Jarry, Ionesco – KCena (staging – Teatro Vila Velha, Brazil – 2017) – NOITE – children’s show – (staging – Comédias do Minho 2017) – ABÍLIO GUARDADOR DE ABELHAS – environmental theater (interpretation and staging 2016)- ANJO BRANCO – community theater (from Bernardo Santareno) – Navio Museu Gil Eannes (staging – Teatro Noroeste/CDV 2016). LUGRE 2016 (from Bernardo Santareno) – community theater (staged – Ílhavo Maritime Museum – 2016). A GRANDE RESSACA (Matei Visniec) – Teatro Viriato (staging – KCena 2016) , SANGUE NA GUELRA, by Fernando Giestas, with staging by Rogério de Carvalho (interpretation – Amarelo Silvestre 2016) – ROMEU E JULIETA – community project with gypsy and non gypsy communities in Nelas (staging – Teatro Viriato-2014), DQ 2014, from Don Quixote – KCena (staging – Teatro Vila Velha Salvador – Brazil 2014).


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