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• 24.Sep.2021 - 21:00 • DanceTeatro Municipal do Porto – Campo Alegre

Jaime’s Class

Susana Domingos Gaspar

In the region of Santarém, there is a sociolect, created with the function of protecting and stimulating the commercial exchanges of the Minde blanket sellers. In the Linguajar Típico de Minde, there is no translation for Dança, but for baile there are two: O-do-Barreiro and Jaime’s Class.

Jaime’s Class was created in 2018, with the Filhos do Meio Creation Grant from the Associação Materiais Diversos. It is a pair work, based on the traditional dances of Serra D’Aire e Candeeiros. A dancer and a musician go to meet several groups, for a continued practice of this type of repertoire. In the underground of the work were questions thrown from one side to the other, that convoke for the composition themes like gender, eroticism and weight. What does traditional dance ask of contemporary dance?

Choreographic composition and choreography: Susana Domingos Gaspar
Musical composition: Edgar Valente
Dancers: Susana Domingos Gaspar and Edgar Valente
Guests: members of Rancho Folclórico Luz dos Candeeiros (Arrimal)
Technical direction and light design: Bruno Santos
Support: Bolsa de Criação Filhos do Meio of the Cultural Association Materiais Diversos, Festival Bons Sons, Associação Mundo em Reboliço
Residencies: Convento do Carmo, Torres Novas; Centro de Artes e Ofícios Roque Gameiro; Auditório de Cem Soldos.
Acknowledgements: O Corpo da Dança, Fácil Contacto, Miguel Serra, Guilherme Correia, Joana Martins, Rancho Folclórico do Casal Sentista, Rancho Folclórico “Os Camponeses” de Riachos, Rancho Folclórico Recreativo Os Ceifeiros de Liteiros, Rancho Folclórico da Gouxaria, Rancho Folclórico Luz dos Candeeiros (Arrimal), Rancho do Covão do Coelho, RA100.
Coproduction: Teatro Municipal do Porto.Campo Alegre
Duration : 45 minutes

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Teatro Municipal do Porto.Campo Alegre



21:00 - 21:45
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