6th International Art and Community Meeting

Porto, Viseu and Lisboa

September 18th – October 3rd


In the edition in which we mark ten years of existence it can be said that it has never been so challenging to think and do together, to dialogue, to approach and to persist. The circumstances in which we live turn the exercise of building an encounter with the characteristics of MEXE into an intense daily task of trying out balances, fighting fatigue, questioning and consolidating principles, dissipating confusions, generating intimacy devices and imagining other configurations for doing and being.


Performances, conversations, workshops, creative laboratories, installations and cinema compose the cycle of activities where social realities speak for themselves. There are more than 100 participants, besides the researchers that integrate the International Meeting of Reflection on Community Art Practices, dos 32 groups from 6 countries that will occupy 20 spaces in 3 cities  with the support of 30 partner entities.

Contact Notes

Portuguese Chamber Orchestra with CERCIOEIRAS – The musicians of the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra – Music…

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Meeting of Waters

The artist Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha invites women of different origins, nationalities, languages, bodies, ancestries…

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MEXE celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Along the way, it has consolidated itself as a national and international platform of reference in the field of participatory and communitarian artistic practices.



Second confirmations 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufu-q2_yl9E From the line-up of the sixth edition of MEXE, three more names appear. azevedo…

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First confirmations 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCLd0JJ1WgU The first confirmations for the 6th edition of MEXE – International Art and Community…

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Participating in MEXE

• To participate in the actions it is mandatory to pick up a ticket at the spaces where they take place. The following projects are exceptions: Herbário Anticolonial and AS BRAVAS: um manifesto, for which registration must be made through mexe.org.pt

• Exceptions are the actions presented at Culturgest, CRL - Central Electric, Teatro Carlos Alberto/TNSJ, Teatro Municipal do Porto.Campo Alegre and Teatro Viriato.

• The ticket office will only be available one hour before the start of the performances, at the venue where they take place.

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